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Cleo, 90 Day Fiancé Star, Counters Stereotypes and Asserts Modeling is No Easy Task

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Cleo, an autistic and trans model featured on the show 90 Day Fiancé, recently opened up about the challenges and misconceptions of the modeling industry. Despite facing relationship troubles with her boyfriend Christian, Cleo finds fulfillment in her modeling career and believes it suits her as an introverted and autistic individual. She emphasizes that modeling is not an easy job and requires hard work and dedication to build a portfolio, often requiring one to work part-time while pursuing other goals.

Cleo, a 32-year-old from Italy currently residing in London, met Christian on Instagram, where her humor impressed him. They started off as friends, but their relationship turned romantic four months before Christian flew to the UK to meet her. However, Christian struggles to fully understand and accommodate Cleo’s transgender identity and autism when going on dates and interacting with her.

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Given the difficulties in their relationship, Cleo does not get the opportunity to discuss her achievements or background on the show. However, during an Instagram Q&A, she addressed some of the challenges in the modeling industry. Cleo mentions that people often assume it’s an easy job and primarily involves catwalking, but building a portfolio takes a lot of work and attending numerous castings. She also highlights the need for a part-time job to make ends meet, especially when starting out in the industry. Cleo sees modeling as a great fit for her as a trans person and introvert, as it doesn’t require constant task switching, surface-level conversations, or small talk. She enjoys engaging in deep conversations with other models.

Aside from modeling, Cleo is also a student pursuing an MSc in Psychology. Her accent on the show has raised some eyebrows among viewers, but she explains that it’s because she is originally from Italy and the content she consumes influences her speech. Cleo is a multifaceted individual with a passion for astrology and has been using her newfound fame from 90 Day Fiancé to grow as an Instagram influencer.

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Unfortunately, Cleo’s relationship with Christian on the show has been tumultuous. Christian initially hesitated to be intimate with Cleo due to his family’s negative reaction to his relationship with a transgender person. While Cleo thought they had a blissful night together, Christian denied their intimacy on camera, leaving Cleo feeling manipulated. The disconnect between their accounts raises questions about the future of their storyline on the show.

Despite the emotional turbulence in her relationship, Cleo’s modeling career continues to progress. She remains dedicated to her work and sees it as a fulfilling and suitable path for someone with her personality and aspirations.

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