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One Piece Anime Teases the Arrival of Luffy’s Gear 5

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One Piece fans have been eagerly awaiting the debut of Luffy’s Gear Fifth transformation, and now they finally have a teaser. The teaser, released on the ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel as part of One Piece Day 2023, has already garnered over 2.4 million views in less than 24 hours.

Luffy’s Gear 5 Treaser in One Piece Anime

The teaser features iconic lines from Luffy, such as “I can do everything I wanted to do!” and “This is my pinnacle!” Fans have been dissecting the teaser, paying special attention to the animation quality and art styles of notable artists. Rumors have been circulating about who will be involved in the execution of the episode, with popular names like Shinya Ohira and animators from Looney Tunes being mentioned.

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However, one key director, Megumi Ishitani, will not be returning for the Gear Fifth episodes. Ishitani, who directed Episodes 957 and 1015, denied the rumors on Twitter and expressed her confusion about the leaks. Instead, the episode will be storyboarded by Tatsuya Nagamine, known for his work on Dragon Ball Super and One Piece Film Z, and directed by Midori Matsuda and Keita Saito.

The episode, titled “Luffy’s Highest Point – Arrival! Gear 5,” is scheduled to premiere on August 6. It has been hyped up as one of the biggest episodes in One Piece and anime history. Fans have been eagerly anticipating Gear Fifth, which comes six years after the debut of Gear Fourth. They hope that the new transformation will exceed their expectations and showcase imagination-defying powers.

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The official description of Gear Fifth reads: “On August 6th, in the broadcast of the TV anime ‘ONE PIECE,’ Gear 5 makes its appearance! The 1044th episode from ‘ONE PIECE’ manga volume 103 is adapted into the anime!”

Overall, the teaser for Luffy’s Gear Fifth transformation has created a lot of excitement among One Piece fans. They cannot wait to see the full episode and witness the powers of Gear Fifth. With the anticipation surrounding this episode, it is sure to be a significant moment in One Piece’s history.

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