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Confirmation of Fourth Movie and Development of Season 7 for My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia, the popular manga and anime series, recently announced a fourth movie and the development of a seventh season. The creator of the series, Kōhei Horikoshi, shared his excitement about the news, comparing it to his childhood experience of eagerly anticipating new Dragon Ball movies. He hopes that the new generation of kids will enjoy the upcoming movie just as much.

The upcoming movie will continue the somber tone of the anime and will take place after the events of the War in season six. The collapsed society will serve as the backdrop for the story, and fans can look forward to seeing who Deku and his friends will be fighting against and what they will be protecting.

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The announcement of a seventh season is a testament to the success of My Hero Academia. It will bring the series to around the 150-episode mark, which is a significant achievement for a new generation of Shōnen anime. The series has also had collaborations with Fortnite, a Hollywood Critics Award nomination for a specific episode, and a partnership with the NBA, further highlighting its global reach and popularity.

While the details of the fourth movie are currently unknown, some fans speculate that it may explore Deku’s isolated period, while others believe it will focus on the reunion of Class 1a. Horikoshi’s words imply that the characters will have gone through significant challenges and will need to protect something important, suggesting that the reunion may not be easy.

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Overall, the announcement of a fourth movie and the development of a seventh season demonstrates that My Hero Academia is not slowing down. The series continues to captivate audiences with its compelling story and relatable characters, and fans can look forward to more exciting adventures in the future.

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