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Considerations for Bravo to Enhance the Adventure Experience on Below Deck

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Below Deck Adventure is the newest spin-off in the Below Deck franchise. While its predecessor, Below Deck Down Under, was a hit, Below Deck Adventure did not receive the same positive reception, and its future is currently uncertain. Despite its low viewership, many viewers found Below Deck Adventure to be a refreshing change of pace. This series is the first to take place in cold waters, primarily in Norway, which offers a different scenery and land-based activities. The biggest change in this series is the addition of extreme adventures. However, there are several improvements that Bravo could implement to help the series resonate better with viewers.

One improvement that Bravo should consider is switching production companies. Shed Media, the production company behind Below Deck Adventure, did not capture the drama and backstories as effectively as 51 Minds Entertainment, which produces the other Below Deck series. Bravo should either allow 51 Minds to take over the production of Below Deck Adventure or have Shed Media improve their coverage with more cameras and a better plan. Additionally, 51 Minds heavily promotes each Below Deck series on their Instagram page, while Shed Media only gave Below Deck Adventure a single shout-out.

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Another improvement that Bravo should make is showcasing the adventures in more depth. The adventures should be the highlight of each episode, but they were not given enough screen time. Instead, the focus was on the crews and charter guests talking about their plans before and after the trips ashore. Viewers want to see more footage of the adventures themselves.

The cast of Below Deck Adventure could also benefit from an overhaul. While Chief Stew Faye Clarke, Stewardess Kasie Faddah, and Deckhand Nathan Morley formed a bond, the rest of the Season 1 cast lacked friendships and bonds. Additionally, with rumors of a new captain taking over in the main series, Below Deck Adventure might need a new skipper as well. Finding a chill, proficient replacement for Chef Jessica Condy, who often caused drama in the galley, would also improve the series.

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Lastly, allowing for more crew nights off would enhance the show. Some of the best moments in the franchise occur during crew nights out, where the crew can relax and bond. However, in Below Deck Adventure, the crew had few nights off due to back-to-back charter guests. Allowing for two to three additional nights off would lead to a more cohesive crew and more entertaining footage.

In conclusion, while Below Deck Adventure did not receive the same reception as its predecessor, it has the potential to be a great addition to the Below Deck franchise. By switching production companies, showcasing the adventures in more depth, overhauling the cast, and allowing for more crew nights off, Bravo could make the necessary improvements to make the series a success.

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