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Coping Strategies of Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss Post-Scandoval

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Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss, known for her role in Vanderpump Rules Season 10, has been taking steps to regain control over her life following the scandal involving her affair with Tom Sandoval. During the season, Rachel embraced her villain side, engaging in controversial actions and betraying those around her. However, she is now trying to figure out a new path for herself.

One significant change that Rachel made was reclaiming her birth name, Rachel, after years of going by Raquel. She explained that she had changed her name in high school due to the abundance of Rachels in her class. After facing trolling and criticism, Rachel decided to take back her power and go by her government name.

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In the aftermath of the scandal, Rachel entered a mental health facility called The Meadows in Arizona for intensive therapy. She stayed there for two months before moving back in with her parents to have a strong support system. Rachel and her family had decided prior to the affair being exposed that she needed mental health treatment, and she voluntarily sought counseling.

During the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion, Rachel attempted to apologize for her actions, particularly to Ariana, who was deeply hurt by the betrayal. She expressed regret and acknowledged her selfishness, but her apology was largely disregarded by the cast members.

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There have been rumors that Rachel’s family does not want her to continue filming for Vanderpump Rules, considering the emotional distress it caused her. TMZ reported that the cast was confident she would not be returning for Season 11, as she has not been involved in filming so far. Producers are concerned about integrating her into the storyline, but it would be understandable if Rachel decided not to return in order to focus on her recovery.

Ultimately, it is up to Rachel to decide how well she is coping with the fallout of the affair. Taking steps such as seeking therapy and retreating from the reality TV spotlight indicate that she is trying to prioritize her well-being and move forward from the scandal.

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