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Crunchyroll Welcomes Anime Music Streaming

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Crunchyroll, the popular streaming service known for its anime offerings, has announced a new partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. to provide subscribers with access to Japanese music. This expansion was announced at the Crunchyroll 2023 Anime Awards and aims to enhance the streaming experience for anime fans.

The newly introduced content includes licensed Japanese music from popular and contemporary artists, including Aimer, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, LiSA, and Hiroyuki Sawano. These artists have contributed to the soundtracks of numerous anime series and have gained a significant following among anime fans.

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One of the artists, LiSA, is well-known for her hit opening anime songs, such as “Gurenge” from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and “Crossing Field” from Sword Art Online. Aimer has also made notable contributions to anime soundtracks, including the ending song of Chainsaw Man and the Bleach ending song. Asian Kung-Fu Generation received an American Anime Award in 2007 for their theme song for Fullmetal Alchemist, while composer Hiroyuki Sawano has provided music for Attack on Titan.

The partnership between Crunchyroll and Sony Music Entertainment will allow subscribers to access short-form music videos and over 100 full-length live concerts. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap that has existed in North America when it comes to accessing Japanese music content. By offering a wider selection of Japanese music, Crunchyroll aims to connect anime fans across the globe and enhance their viewing experience.

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For anime fans, music plays an integral role in their anime-watching experience. Opening and ending themes have become iconic and are often shared and discussed among fans. However, accessing Japanese music content outside of Japan has not always been easy. Crunchyroll’s new partnership with Sony Music Entertainment aims to address this issue and provide fans with more opportunities to connect with the content they love.

Currently, Crunchyroll subscribers can already watch a live performance by ASCA, who sings the theme song from season two of Sword Art Online: Alicization. With the addition of Sony Music Entertainment’s licensed content, subscribers will have even more access to Japanese music, allowing them to immerse themselves further in the world of anime.

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This partnership marks a significant step for Crunchyroll as it expands its offerings beyond anime series and simulcasts. By providing subscribers with access to Japanese music, Crunchyroll aims to provide a more comprehensive and fulfilling streaming experience for its dedicated fan base.

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