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Danielle Cabral Detached Herself From Caroline Manzo’s ‘Half-Hearted Relationship’ Following Her Casting on RHONJ

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo recently spoke out about her step-niece Danielle Cabral during an interview on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. Caroline revealed that Danielle is a “half-ass relation” to her and explained that Danielle is the daughter of her brother’s ex-wife’s new husband. Caroline has known Danielle for over 20 years but their relationship is not close, as they only see each other at family events.

Caroline also shared that Danielle reached out to both her and her daughter, Lauren Manzo, before joining the show, asking for their advice and expectations. Caroline and Lauren were both brutally honest with Danielle, but didn’t receive any thanks from her after she got the role. In fact, Danielle unfollowed Caroline, Lauren, and even her own cousin on social media, leaving Caroline puzzled as to why she would do that.

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Caroline expressed that she is glad Danielle has the opportunity to be in the public eye as she always wanted, but she also questioned Danielle’s decision to unfollow them and not show any gratitude. Caroline doesn’t know the reasoning behind Danielle’s actions, but speculated that Danielle may not have wanted to be associated with Caroline’s name on the show.

The interview brings up the question of why Danielle unfollowed Caroline and Lauren and whether she was wrong not to thank Caroline for her help in getting on the show. Caroline’s comments suggest that she feels somewhat hurt or disregarded by Danielle’s actions, especially considering her efforts to help Danielle navigate the reality TV world.

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Overall, the story highlights the strained relationship between Caroline Manzo and her step-niece Danielle Cabral, with Danielle appearing to distance herself from Caroline and not showing appreciation for her role in helping her join the show. The reasons behind Danielle’s actions remain unknown, but it raises questions about the dynamics within their family and the importance of gratitude and acknowledgement in relationships.

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