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Documentary Film “Man on the Run Trailer” Reveals Gripping Tale of Corruption

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The upcoming documentary film, Man on the Run, is set to expose a shocking true story of corruption and betrayal involving Malaysian businessman Jho Low. The film is scheduled to be released on September 22 in New York theaters and on September 29 in LA theaters.

The documentary follows the life of Jho Low, a mysterious businessman and playboy, as he orchestrates a scheme to exploit a sovereign wealth fund in Malaysia known as 1MDB. With the collaboration of Prime Minister Najib Razak, Low funnels billions of dollars into various global bank accounts to fund his extravagant lifestyle, which includes parties in Hollywood and even financing the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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Director Cassius Michael Kim takes viewers on a meticulous investigation that unravels a web of greed and corruption, revealing the profound impact of this colossal financial scandal on the entire nation of Malaysia. The film aims to shed light on the extent of the corruption and expose those involved in the scheme.

Man on the Run is written and directed by Cassius Michael Kim, who also serves as an executive producer alongside Scott Norville. The film’s production team includes Alyse Shorland, Rhana Natour, Fabian W. Joseph, and Davidian Shaw as producers. Cinematographer Joe Simon and editors Karl Dawson and Jon Connor complete the creative team.

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The trailer for the documentary offers a glimpse into the scandal, showcasing the lavish lifestyle that Jho Low leads while hinting at the devastating consequences of his actions on the Malaysian nation. The film promises to be an eye-opening and thought-provoking exploration of corruption and its impact on society.

Audiences can anticipate a captivating and suspenseful documentary that delves into the depths of corruption and the lengths individuals will go to fulfill their personal desires. Man on the Run aims to raise awareness about this scandalous chapter in Malaysian history and ignite conversations about accountability and the need for justice.

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With the release of the trailer, anticipation for the documentary is building, as viewers are eager to uncover the full truth behind the 1MDB scandal and its key players. Man on the Run promises to deliver a gripping and informative look at one of the most notable financial scandals in recent history.

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