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Fashion Fails of Tom Sandoval

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Tom Sandoval, known for his flashy fashion on Vanderpump Rules, has had his fair share of cringeworthy fashion fails. Despite once being charmingly extra, his fashion choices now come across as douchey. Let’s take a look at some of his most notorious fashion fails.

Fashion Fails

One of the most standout fashion fails was during a performance with his band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras. Tom wore black sequined pants and a red jacket featuring LED lights shaped like stars, lightning bolts, and cacti. The random assortment of symbols left his look confusing rather than rock n’ roll.

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During appearances on Watch What Happens Live, Tom always shows up in interesting outfits. In one instance, he wore a rust-colored suit with a lemon yellow shirt. But it was his choice of a black porkpie hat that gave off a Breaking Bad vibe, imitating the character Walter White.

On another Watch What Happens Live appearance, Tom showed up serving Willy Wonka energy. He wore navy suit with ostentatious white sunglasses, a prairie home button-up shirt, and topped it off with a bolo tie. It’s safe to say that the bolo tie alone was enough to deem this outfit a miss.

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In some of Tom’s earlier fashion choices, his emo-inspired style was on full display. One red carpet look had a Jack Skellington vibe, but his gothic aesthetic was interrupted by a fluorescent yellow belt. It seemed like Tom was trying a bit too hard to channel his inner angsty teenager.

In another bewildering outfit, Tom wore shiny red plaid pants, a tux jacket with tails, and a top hat, while his then-girlfriend Ariana Madix looked sleek and stylish in dark blue sequins. Tom’s outfit was all over the place and lacked focus.

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While Tom may occasionally get it right with his fashion choices, his misses far outweigh his hits. It’s clear that there’s a difference between having good fashion sense and throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Tom Sandoval’s fashion fails deserve to be called out and serve as a reminder to think twice before leaving the house in questionable attire.

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