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First Trailer Released for World Video Game

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Crunchyroll Games has announced a new videogame tie-in for the popular anime series One Punch Man. The game, titled One Punch Man: World, is a multiplayer action game developed by Perfect World and will be available for PC and mobile devices. The trailer for the game showcases its core gameplay and story features, including a cast of popular characters from the anime series.

According to Crunchyroll Games, the plot of One Punch Man: World will adapt the first season of the anime, with expanded scenes from the perspectives of other characters. The game will also feature a roster of playable characters from the anime, such as Genos, and will allow players to team up in cooperative missions and action-based combat. There will also be an open hub world where players can interact with one another.

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The gameplay of One Punch Man: World will differ from the previously released One Punch Man game, A Hero Nobody Knows, which focused on one-on-one battles. One Punch Man: World will feature team-based cooperative battles, with real-time dodging mechanics, ultimate abilities, skill combos, and various mini-games within the main world.

The One Punch Man anime finished airing its second season in 2019, with the third season set for a 2024 release. The manga is still ongoing, with over 180 chapters. The recent chapter 183 marked the return of series illustrator Yusuke Murata and the series’ author ONE, following a hiatus for health reasons.

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Pre-registration for One Punch Man: World is currently open on the game’s official website for Windows PC players. The game will be released on PC, iOS, and Android later this year, and will have cross-progression to ensure that player progress is carried over across platforms.

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