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Gal Gadot Shares Insights on the Enormity of Her Cleopatra Film Project and the Reasons for Its Prolonged Production

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Gal Gadot has given an update on her upcoming Cleopatra movie, explaining that it is taking time to respectfully depict the historical figure. The movie, which has been in development since 2020, was initially set to be directed by Patty Jenkins but has since been passed onto Kari Skogland. In an interview with Flaunt, Gadot stated that the cast and crew are intentionally taking their time to accurately portray Cleopatra and emphasized the need for thought and care in the process. She mentioned that the script is still being worked on, even after the writers strike.

The importance of getting Cleopatra’s portrayal right stems from her significant contributions to politics, arts, and sciences, as well as her legacy as a strong leader. Cleopatra was a legendary figure who reigned over Egypt and demonstrated strong leadership and skill during her tenure. She expanded Egypt’s territory, made significant contributions to the arts and sciences, and proved the capability of women in politics. The tale of her leadership and various love affairs continues to intrigue modern audiences.

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The movie has already faced controversy, particularly regarding Gadot’s casting. Some accused the movie of whitewashing the role of Cleopatra, although Cleopatra was actually Macedonian, not Egyptian. Gadot, who is Israeli of Akshenazi heritage, addressed the backlash and expressed her passion and respect for the role. She also emphasized the need to avoid false narratives about Cleopatra’s history.

The complex and extensive history of Cleopatra, as well as the controversy surrounding the movie, have highlighted the need for careful and nuanced handling of the character. Gadot’s update suggests that the movie is being approached with thought and care, which bodes well for a respectful portrayal of Cleopatra. The script is still being worked on, indicating a commitment to taking the time necessary to accurately depict such an iconic and historical woman.

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