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Houseguest on Big Brother Under Fire for Using Racial Slur, Fans Demand Immediate Action

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In the reality TV show Big Brother, a contestant named Luke Valentine was caught on live feeds saying a racial slur. The recipient of the slur, Jared Fields, who is black, was forced to laugh it off and not make a big deal out of it in order to avoid eviction from the game. However, viewers were outraged and took to social media to question why CBS, the network that airs the show, had not removed Luke from the game. They argued that CBS has a duty of care to the cast of its shows and should not tolerate such behavior.

The question of whether or not production will step in and remove Luke from the game remains unanswered. Currently, he is still in the house and could potentially win the grand prize of $750,000. Fans argue that rewarding someone who displayed such behavior would be unacceptable.

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A similar incident occurred on Big Brother UK in 2007, where a white woman was immediately removed from the house after using the same racial slur. Fans wonder why action has not been taken in the US version of the show when progress has been made in the 15+ years since the UK incident.

In 2020, during Big Brother 22, CBS released a statement saying that any houseguest who used hate speech would be removed from the show. Journalist Dalton Ross shared the statement on Twitter, suggesting that Luke should be removed from the game according to CBS’s own policy.

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While the eviction for this week’s episode may still proceed as planned, some fans have suggested cancelling it altogether if it means Luke will be ejected. They believe that he should be held accountable for his actions and removed from the game immediately.

There has been no comment from CBS regarding this incident. However, viewers and fans of the show are demanding accountability and action from the network.

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