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In 2024, A Brand New Anime Movie is Set to Launch in the Precure Franchise

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Fans of the Precure anime franchise were surprised to learn that another film installment is on its way. The announcement came at the end of the latest film, Eiga Precure All Stars F, which also marked the 14th installment in the crossover event, All Stars, and the 20th anniversary of the Precure franchise.

Not much is known about the upcoming film at this time. The Precure All Stars films have been released annually since 2009, except for 2021 and 2022. Eiga Precure All Stars F served as a continuation of Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure, the 20th installment of the franchise. The film brought together all 77 magical girls from the entire franchise’s history, including the first installment, Futari wa Pretty Cure.

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The film also introduced new characters specifically for the All-Stars event, such as Cure Supreme/Prim and Pūka. Prim, a new Precure, goes on a transformative journey as she tries to connect with other members of the Cure Sky Team.

The soundtrack of Eiga Precure All Stars F features the theme song “Ureshikute (I’m Happy)” performed by Ikimono-gakari. Ami Ishii and Machico provide the opening theme “For F.” Various singers from different entries of Precure join forces to sing the song “All for one Forever.”

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In addition to the new film, a spin-off anime series titled Kibōu no Chikara: Otona Precure 23 is set to premiere on October 7.

Overall, the Precure franchise continues to expand and celebrate its 20th anniversary with exciting new content for fans to enjoy.

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