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Allegations of Bullying Johnie in Love Is Blind Season 5

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Love Is Blind Season 5 has been controversial, and the drama continues even after the season has ended. The latest controversy involves Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder, who are speaking out about one of the tensest moments of the season.

Mistreating Johnie on Love Is Blind Season 5

Izzy initially matched with both Johnie Maraist and Stacy, but eventually decided to pursue a relationship exclusively with Stacy. However, Johnie did not handle this well and began criticizing Stacy’s appearance and questioning Izzy’s choice. This led to a heated argument between the three at a cast barbecue, with some accusing Stacy of bullying Johnie.

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Despite not getting married, Izzy and Stacy stood up for each other regarding the bullying accusations. They spoke with PEOPLE about their side of the story. Izzy admitted that his behavior was “disgusting” and he regretted how he handled the situation. He acknowledged that he called out Johnie on the truth but recognized that it was the way he did it that was problematic. Izzy also emphasized that he and Stacy were not bullies.

Stacy explained that the perception of the situation was the opposite of what actually happened, which was frustrating for her. She claimed that Johnie was trying to put her down and make her look bad to others. Stacy also confirmed that Johnie spoke to another cast member and twisted their words about her, which crossed a boundary for her and led to her fiery response.

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Love Is Blind Season 5 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The question remains: do we believe Izzy and Stacy’s explanation, or do we think Johnie was the true bully? It is up to viewers to make their own judgments on the situation.

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