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Jax Taylor Confesses to Treating Laura-Leigh Moser Terribly

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Jax Taylor, the former villain of Vanderpump Rules, has made a return to the show by appearing on Kristen Doute’s podcast to rewatch Season 1. During the podcast, Jax reflected on his past behavior, particularly his treatment of Laura-Leigh Moser. Jax admitted that he was awful to her and that he was reckless in their relationship. He also acknowledged that his only motivation for dating her was to make his ex-girlfriend, Stassi Schroeder, jealous.

Jax’s behavior towards Laura-Leigh was widely criticized by fans of the show, and it is refreshing to see him finally owning up to his actions. He described himself as a “runaway train” during that time and admitted that he handled the situation poorly. He also recognized that Laura-Leigh was dealing with personal demons at the time and that his treatment of her couldn’t have helped the situation.

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This newfound self-awareness from Jax is a welcome change, especially considering his past behavior on the show. From day one, Jax has been the cocky bartender who had little regard for others in his life. It made him a horrible friend, boyfriend, and employee, but it also made him a true reality TV star. However, Jax is now in a whole new stage of his life. He is married to Brittany Cartwright and they recently became parents. Looking back at the early days of Vanderpump Rules, Jax can now laugh and see how much he has grown.

While it’s great to see Jax acknowledging his past mistakes, the question remains whether he has truly changed his ways. Will he continue to be a better friend, partner, and employee? Only time will tell. But for now, fans can appreciate his honesty and redemption regarding his treatment of Laura-Leigh. Perhaps, instead of bringing Jax back to SUR, the show should consider bringing Laura-Leigh back instead.

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In other news, Jax is also embarking on a new business venture. He is planning to open a restaurant called Jax’s Studio City, which will feature his famous beer cheese. It remains to be seen how successful this venture will be, but if Jax can apply the same self-awareness and growth to his business endeavors, it may have a chance.

Overall, Jax Taylor’s appearance on Kristen Doute’s podcast shows a glimmer of hope for his redemption. Whether he has truly changed his ways remains to be seen, but fans can at least appreciate his newfound remorse and reflection on his past actions.

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