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Jenna Lyons’ Top Moments on RHONY: A Recap of Her Highlights

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American fashion designer Jenna Lyons has joined the cast of Real Housewives of New York for Season 14, bringing a new dynamic to the show. Prior to joining the franchise, Lyons was already a well-known name in the fashion industry, having served as creative director and president of J.Crew. In an interview with Time, Lyons expressed the importance of queer representation in media and felt it was important for her to show up on the show.

One of Lyons’ standout moments on RHONY so far was when she gave a tour of her incredible closet. As a fashion icon, it’s no surprise that she has an impressive wardrobe, including an extensive collection of designer shoes. In a confessional, Lyons revealed that she had around 380 pairs of shoes, leaving viewers envious.

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Another memorable moment was when Lyons expressed her strong opinions about dill. During a visit to fellow housewife Erin’s home in the Hamptons, Lyons passionately expressed her hatred for the herb, declaring that it didn’t deserve to be on the planet. Her reaction garnered laughs from viewers.

In episode 2, Lyons surprised the women by gifting them high-end lingerie. The gesture was thoughtful, sexy, and in line with her fashion sensibility. It stood out as a unique and memorable gift for a girl’s trip.

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Lyons also shared her coming out story during a conversation with the other women. She recounted a dinner with a close friend who happened to be a gay woman. By the end of the conversation, Lyons had a strong urge to kiss her friend and realized something had changed within her. This vulnerable and personal moment resonated with viewers.

During a trip to the Hamptons, Lyons left Erin’s house in the middle of the night to stay at her own residence. This sudden departure caused some tension among the women, particularly Erin, who felt slighted by Lyons’ actions. The drama surrounding the midnight getaway added intrigue to the season.

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Lastly, Lyons made waves when she showed up to breakfast wearing expensive diamonds. The other women playfully poked fun at her lavish attire, but Lyons remained unbothered, comparing herself to the iconic character from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Overall, Jenna Lyons has brought a fresh perspective and captivating moments to Real Housewives of New York. Her impressive career in fashion, unexpected additions to the show, and bold personality have made her a standout cast member, and viewers are eager to see what other memorable moments she’ll bring to the screen.

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