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Julio from 90 Day Fiancé Drops Hints About Relationship Troubles with Kirsten on Instagram

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Julio Moya, star of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, may have confirmed his split with girlfriend Kirsten Schoemaker on Instagram. This comes after a recent post where Julio liked a comment suggesting they are no longer together. The couple’s relationship has been marked by red flags, such as Julio’s failure to inform his mother about his move to the Netherlands, causing tension with his family when Kirsten visited him in America. Kirsten feels betrayed and suspects Julio is keeping something from her, raising doubts about their future together.

Julio, a professional DJ, and Kirsten, from the Netherlands, met on Instagram when Julio saw her photo on the Explore page. After chatting online for two months, Julio traveled to Kirsten’s country during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they spent time together in quarantine. Julio fell in love with Kirsten and the Netherlands, deciding he wanted to spend his life there. However, his recent Instagram post suggests that their relationship may have come to an end.

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Julio’s Instagram post does not mention his location, but a fan commented that he and Kirsten make a beautiful couple. Shockingly, Julio liked the comment, possibly implying that they have split up. One of the biggest red flags in their relationship is Julio’s failure to inform his mother about his move to the Netherlands. As a mama’s boy, it was crucial for Julio to follow his heart, even if it meant breaking his mom’s heart. However, he has not been transparent with his family about his plans.

When Kirsten visited Julio in America, she was disappointed to learn that Julio had only told his family about her a month before her arrival. He had also not informed them about his plans to apply for residency in the Netherlands. This news did not sit well with Julio’s mother, who objected to him moving abroad within three months instead of settling in the U.S. Julio’s cousins suggested that Kirsten could stay in the U.S. for a few months before making a decision about their future together. However, Kirsten was not interested in this suggestion, as she believed the plan was always for Julio to move.

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Kirsten felt betrayed by Julio’s lack of defense for their relationship and his failure to inform his family. She believes that Julio is afraid when it comes to confronting his family. There is also a sense that Julio may be keeping something from her, which has raised doubts about their future together. The Instagram post and Julio’s liking of the comment suggesting their breakup further adds to these doubts.

It is unclear how their relationship will progress on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but based on Julio’s Instagram activity, it seems that their relationship may be over for now.

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