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Loki Season 2 Deviates from the MCU’s Norm and Draws Inspiration from Star Wars with its New Release Time

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Disney+ is making a historic change to the release time of Loki season 2, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show gets an earlier launch. Unlike most MCU shows on Disney+, Loki season 2 will not be the final season. The character of Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, will be returning to the small screen this fall. Loki season 2 is an integral part of the Multiverse Saga and will play a crucial role in the overarching storytelling involving Kang.

In a new promotional video for Loki season 2 from Marvel Studios, it is revealed that the previously announced premiere date of October 6 has been changed to October 5. Additionally, the first episode will be dropping at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST. This marks the first time an MCU show has gotten an evening release, as all past Marvel Disney+ shows have released at midnight PST.

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The decision to change the release time for Loki season 2 raises the question of why this is only happening now. One possible reason is that Loki has been one of the more successful MCU series and is a bigger priority for Disney+ and Marvel Studios. After the negative critical reception of Secret Invasion, Disney+ needs a big win for the MCU, and Loki season 2 is key to that.

Another possible reason for the change in release time is that Disney+ wants to capitalize on Loki’s audience by dropping it at a prime-time slot. This could be a new strategy for Disney+ in general, aiming to release new episodes of their original programming at more reasonable hours. Additionally, the change in release time could prevent viewers from getting spoiled on social media if they were not to see the premiere at the show’s regular release time.

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It remains to be seen if Loki season 2 will be the only MCU show to use this new release time. However, if it proves successful for both Ahsoka and Loki, it may become a regular occurrence. Regardless, it is exciting that Loki season 2 will arrive a day earlier and at a more traditional release time.

Loki season 2 premieres on October 5 at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST on Disney+.

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