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Margot Robbie’s Desire to Cast Gal Gadot in Barbie Movie Filled Gal Gadot with Flattery

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Actress Gal Gadot was flattered by Margot Robbie’s comments about wanting her to play Barbie in the fantasy comedy movie from director Greta Gerwig. The film, which has been a massive success at the box office, stars Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. However, Robbie initially did not cast herself in the role and considered casting Gadot instead. Unfortunately, Gadot was unable to take on the character due to scheduling conflicts.

Gadot expressed her admiration for Robbie, describing her as someone you want to be friends with. She praised Robbie’s talent, humor, warmth, and intelligence, and expressed her excitement for Robbie and the film. Gadot was touched by Robbie’s comments about her and expressed her eagerness to work with her in the future.

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Robbie, on the other hand, spoke highly of Gadot, calling her “Barbie energy.” She described Gadot as impossibly beautiful but also genuinely sincere and enthusiastically kind. Robbie admired Gadot’s ability to be both stunningly beautiful and down-to-earth, comparing her to someone on the verge of being a dork.

While it is unclear what led Robbie to ultimately take on the role of Barbie, her initial consideration of Gadot speaks to the latter’s reputation as a talented and in-demand actress. Gadot’s charismatic and relatable persona seems to have resonated with Robbie, making her a desirable choice for the role.

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The Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, has been widely acclaimed and successful at the box office. The film’s unique take on the iconic toy’s story and characters has garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Robbie’s portrayal of Barbie, combined with Gerwig’s direction, has contributed to the movie’s success.

It is not uncommon for actors and actresses to consider and recommend colleagues for roles, especially when they find someone who fits the character’s energy or persona. In this case, Robbie saw Gadot as embodying the qualities necessary for the iconic Barbie character. This collaboration would have likely been a thrilling and highly anticipated one, given the talent and chemistry between the two actresses.

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In conclusion, Gal Gadot was flattered by Margot Robbie’s comments about wanting her to play Barbie in the Greta Gerwig-directed film. While Gadot was unable to take on the role due to scheduling conflicts, she expressed her admiration for Robbie and her excitement for the film. Robbie spoke highly of Gadot, describing her as “Barbie energy” and admiring her beauty and genuine kindness. The Barbie movie, with Robbie in the titular role, has been a great success, showcasing Gerwig’s unique take on the iconic toy’s story.

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