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Marvel Addresses Fans’ Frustration Regarding an Inconvenient MCU Plot Hole Involving the Collector’s Collection

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In the latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, a plot hole involving the Collector’s gallery of artifacts is finally addressed. The Collector, known for his impressive collection of rare items, also has a lot of common goods in his collection. It is revealed that these common items serve a purpose.

The Collector uses common species as bait to add to his collection of rare items. He manipulates other species to do his dirty work for him. He offers them the opportunity to trade their belongings or find valuable items on his behalf. In the issue, the Collector negotiates with an alien who has been searching for six years for something to trade. The alien gives the Collector a clock in exchange for his children’s freedom, but insists that the Collector keeps his wife.

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This new revelation recontextualizes previous scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the Collector was seen housing common species. It is now clear that these species were not part of his collection but were being used as bait to manipulate others into helping him collect rare artifacts. The Collector uses this tactic to get free labor out of aliens who are willing to trade their belongings or search for valuable items for him.

By exploiting the desires of other species, the Collector is able to avoid personally going out and collecting rare artifacts himself. He can simply convince others to do the work for him. While this may be seen as opportunistic and vile, it proves effective for the Collector in obtaining valuable items for his collection.

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This revelation in Guardians of the Galaxy #5 closes a plot hole in the MCU and provides a logical explanation for the presence of common goods in the Collector’s gallery. The issue is part of Marvel’s ongoing G.O.D.S. series and sets the stage for future storylines. Guardians of the Galaxy #5 is currently available from Marvel Comics.

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