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Marvel Overlooked a Fix to the MCU’s Superpower Problem by Ignoring the Kill Switch Loophole

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The Secret Invasion finale faced criticism for various reasons, including the lack of inclusion of the Super Skrulls’ weakness from the Marvel Comics version. While the series introduced the Super Skrulls to Phase 5 of the MCU, it failed to incorporate their vulnerability as seen in the comics. In the finale, the characters G’iah and Gravik were portrayed as powerful Super Skrulls, but the CGI battle and overpowering of G’iah received backlash. Some viewers felt that the excessive use of CGI took away from the emotional impact and grounded tones of the series.

G’iah, portrayed by Emilia Clarke, was deemed the most powerful character in the MCU due to her absorption of various DNA samples in the Harvest, including those from Captain America, Thanos, and Captain Marvel. This gave her an array of abilities that surpassed other notable characters in the MCU. Furthermore, it is unclear if G’iah has any weaknesses, unlike her Marvel Comics counterpart.

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In Marvel Comics, the Super Skrulls, particularly Kl’rt, derived their powers from an energy beam that connected them to the Skrull homeworld. This offered a weakness that the Fantastic Four could exploit. However, Secret Invasion did not incorporate a similar weakness for G’iah, which could pose a problem for other characters in future MCU projects. It was suggested that having G’iah’s powers limited by an energy beam, similar to Kl’rt in the comics, could have resolved this issue.

Another missed opportunity in Secret Invasion was the failure to hint at the cosmic rays that grant the Fantastic Four their powers in the comics. By incorporating the concept of cosmic energy, the series could have subtly teased the Fantastic Four’s debut in the MCU. Currently, the Fantastic Four have not been introduced in the MCU, and by alluding to the source of their powers, Secret Invasion could have laid the groundwork for their future inclusion.

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Despite these criticisms, Secret Invasion introduced the Super Skrulls to Phase 5 of the MCU and showcased their powers through characters like G’iah and Gravik. Although the series could have taken better advantage of the source material and set up the Fantastic Four, it still expanded the MCU and added new elements to its ever-growing universe.

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