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NeNe Leakes Accused by Claudia Jordan of Playing the Victim and Being a Narcissist

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The fallout from NeNe Leakes’ interview with Carlos King continues as people weigh in on her allegations, particularly regarding Cynthia Bailey. While NeNe suggested that Cynthia conspired to get her fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia responded with kindness and compassion. However, Claudia Jordan, who appeared on the show for one season alongside NeNe and Cynthia, has stepped in to defend Cynthia and criticize NeNe.

In an Instagram comment featured on @broughchat’s account, Claudia accused NeNe of playing the victim and claimed that she has actively campaigned to get people fired or demoted. Claudia also accused NeNe of performing and only crying racism and bringing up issues like George Floyd when it is convenient for her. This is likely a reference to when NeNe compared herself to George Floyd after the RHOA Reunion in 2020.

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Furthermore, Claudia defended Cynthia as being a genuine person who has remained classy despite NeNe’s disrespectful behavior. Claudia suggested that NeNe suffers from extreme narcissistic personality disorder, where she believes she is never wrong and everyone is plotting against her. Claudia also questioned when NeNe has ever taken responsibility for her actions.

The article ends by asking readers if they agree with Claudia or if they believe NeNe has a legitimate point and is simply trying to grab attention.

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Overall, the fallout from NeNe’s interview has caused tension between her and Cynthia, with Claudia stepping in to defend Cynthia and criticize NeNe’s behavior. The comments made by Claudia suggest that NeNe has a tendency to play the victim and manipulate situations for her own advantage.

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