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NeNe Leakes Expresses Hope of Reconnecting with Andy Cohen

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In 2022, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes filed a lawsuit against NBCUniversal and Bravo, accusing them of workplace discrimination. She also publicly called the show’s host, Andy Cohen, racist on Twitter. Despite dropping the lawsuit and having the case dismissed, their relationship remained strained.

In an exclusive interview with Carlos King, NeNe discussed her relationship with Andy. She admitted feeling used by him, especially in the early stages of Watch What Happens Live. However, she expressed a desire to be the bigger person and resolve their issues.

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When asked what she would say to Andy, NeNe congratulated him on his recent addition of twin babies, expressing her belief that he always wanted to be a parent. She emphasized that she doesn’t hold grudges forever and expressed a willingness to find a way to mend their relationship. She acknowledged that they may not have to work together again, but it would be nice to work through their issues.

The article poses the question of whether NeNe’s words might be hypocritical and whether Andy could move past the conflicts between them. It also includes a brief mention of other Real Housewives related news, such as Shere√© potentially being single again and NeNe’s opinion on fellow cast member Kandi.

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Overall, the article highlights NeNe’s attempt to reconcile with Andy despite their troubled history.

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