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New Collaboration with Levi Revealed by Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, Showcasing Breathtaking Fashion

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Levi Strauss Japan has announced a new clothing line inspired by Studio Ghibli’s classic film, Princess Mononoke. The collection includes jackets, tote bags, jeans, T-shirts, and denim overalls, each featuring detailed scenes or iconography from the film. The price range for these items is approximately $63.62-$246.58, and they will be available in Japan starting Aug. 10. While an international launch date has not been announced, the collection has been showcased on the company’s social media accounts outside Japan, hinting at a future release in other countries.

New Collaboration with Levi

The collection features two T-shirts that spotlight the film’s female protagonist, San. One T-shirt depicts San riding on the back of one of her wolf allies, while the other showcases the masks that she wears during the attack on Iron Town. The jeans in the collection feature forest artwork with the film’s hero, Ashitaka, adorning one of the legs. The “Nightwalker Denim Kimono Jacket” is inspired by the kimono-style apparel seen in the film and features iconography of San’s mask and the Forest Spirit.

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The “Kodama Denim Overalls” feature artwork of both the Forest Spirit and the smaller Kodama spirits that inhabit San’s woods. The “San and Ashitaka” tote bags feature artwork of the film’s heroes with the same background design used for the jeans. Lastly, The “San and Wolf” Trucker Jacket features an image of San riding one of her wolf companions on the back, and an unmasked version of her on the front. This jacket is the most expensive item in the collection.

Princess Mononoke, released in 1997, became the highest-grossing film in Japan that year, earning over 11.3 billion yen during its theatrical run. The film is set in a fantasy version of 14th century Japan and follows the story of Ashitaka, a young man cursed after saving his village from a demon. He encounters San, a human girl raised as a wolf, and tries to bring peace between her and the residents of Iron Town. Princess Mononoke is regarded as one of Studio Ghibli’s most successful and beloved films.

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Overall, this new clothing line from Levi Strauss Japan offers fans of Princess Mononoke the opportunity to adorn themselves with the artistry and iconic scenes from the film. The collection captures the spirit of the movie and allows fans to express their love for the Studio Ghibli classic through fashion.

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