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New Must-Watch Anime Provides an Isekai Twist to Magical Girl Stories

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Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure is the newest installment in the long-running Pretty Cure franchise and introduces a unique twist to the magical girl genre. Unlike previous series, which focused on known characters, Soaring Sky! introduces a brand new hero named Sora. Sora stumbles into the modern-day world after saving baby Princess Ellee and gains her powers upon arrival. This twist of an ordinary girl gaining powers after falling into the real world adds a sense of wonder and excitement to the story.

The isekai trope, where the main character is reincarnated or transported into a magical world, has become increasingly popular in anime. However, the reverse of this trope is less common. Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure flips the isekai trope on its head by having a normal character fall into our world and gain powers. This twist sets the series apart from other magical girl shows and adds a unique element to the story.

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The magical girl genre has been a staple in anime since 1966, with Sailor Moon being one of the most recognizable franchises. As the genre continues to gain popularity, studios and writers must find creative ways to make their stories stand out. Soaring Sky! accomplishes this by using the magical girl genre and combining it with the flipped isekai trope. This not only introduces a sense of wonder about our own world but also provides an end goal for the series – getting the main characters back home.

Toei Animation, the studio behind Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure, has a long history of creating successful magical girl anime. Their experience in the genre shines through in the quality of this new installment. By combining the magical girl and isekai genres, Toei Animation has created a compelling and unique story that is sure to captivate viewers.

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Overall, Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure is a refreshing addition to the magical girl genre. Its unique twist on the isekai trope adds excitement and wonder to the story, while the familiar elements of the magical girl genre provide a sense of nostalgia for fans. With its creative storytelling and compelling characters, Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure is sure to leave a lasting impact on both magical girl anime and the isekai genre as a whole.

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