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New Trailer for Southern Charm Season 9: Headbutts and Headaches Unveiled

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The trailer for Season 9 of Bravo’s Southern Charm has been released, and it promises a messy and dramatic season in Charleston. The trailer opens with Austen Kroll confessing that something happened between him and Taylor Ann Green, his best friend Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend. This revelation causes chaos and tears, with Madison LeCroy, Austen’s ex, demanding to know if he slept with Taylor. Taylor denies it, swearing on her life. Meanwhile, Miss Patricia (Altschul) mentions that an unidentified woman sent a nude photograph to her son Whitney Sudler-Smith, but quickly moves on from the topic.

There are hints that Madison, who recently got married, may be pregnant, as she is shown feeling nauseous and visiting a doctor. Speculation about her pregnancy is likely to flood the internet. Craig Conover, also known as the Pillow King, is having relationship issues with his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo. He wants to propose, but Paige is hesitant to take the next step and move in together.

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Two new cast members, Rod Razavi and Jarrett “JT” Thomas, have been added to the show, bringing in fresh drama. There is unfinished business between Shep and Taylor, as well as Madison and Austen, which will likely lead to intense fights between the cast members.

Overall, Season 9 of Southern Charm appears to be filled with deceit, conflict, and emotional turmoil. Fans of the show can look forward to the premiere on September 14th on Bravo.

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