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Olivia, Jenny McCarthy’s Niece, Fearlessly Reveals The Likelihood of Achieving Fame If They Stayed

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Olivia Aquilina, a contestant on the show “Claim to Fame,” believes they could have won the competition if they hadn’t incorrectly guessed Karsyn’s identity as Jeff Gordon’s relative. Olivia, who is Jenny McCarthy’s niece, was a mystery to their fellow contestants, and they expressed that their castmates would not have guessed their true identity, giving them a better chance at winning. In an interview, Olivia stated that they believed they could have made it to the top three or even won the show if they hadn’t guessed Karsyn wrong.

While Olivia was confident in their abilities, they found the pop culture aspect of the show challenging. They admitted that they don’t follow many celebrities and struggle with remembering names, making it difficult for them to excel in that aspect of the competition. Olivia had watched the previous season of “Claim to Fame” and knew that they had a lot of work to do in terms of pop culture knowledge. However, they were determined to overcome this challenge.

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Olivia managed to keep their identity under wraps and was a mystery to both their fellow contestants and viewers. Their Wine Room puzzle clue wasn’t chosen by anyone, making it harder for others to guess their true identity. Despite their strong gameplay, their elimination came as a result of their incorrect guess on Karsyn’s identity. However, Olivia believes that if they hadn’t guessed wrong, they would have made it far in the competition.

Although Olivia’s elimination was unfortunate for them, it does narrow down the possibilities for Karsyn’s celebrity relative for the remaining contestants. Olivia’s wrong guess has given others more information to work with as the competition progresses. Overall, Olivia was a fantastic contestant who played a superb game, but becoming the guesser was their downfall.

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It was revealed that Jenny McCarthy is Olivia’s Claim to Fame, adding excitement to the competition. Despite their elimination, Olivia remains proud of their performance on the show. “Claim to Fame” airs on ABC on Monday nights at 10 p.m. EDT.

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