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Original Script of Talk to Me Featured Heightened and Intense Violence

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Talk To Me, the latest horror film from A24, has been creating quite a buzz in the industry. The movie, directed by Australian twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, follows a grieving teenager and her friends who play a malevolent game with an embalmed hand that summons a terrifying supernatural force. Despite its success at the box office and a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the directors revealed that the original version of the script was even more extreme than the final product.

In an interview with Deadline, the Philippou brothers discussed the evolution of the film from its initial draft to its finished form. They explained that the first iteration of Talk To Me was much more violent and cutthroat. However, they wanted to strike a balance and avoid making it feel exploitative or overly extreme. As a result, they made some significant changes to the script to reach the desired tone.

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The central element of the film, a ceramic hand, wasn’t even part of the original plan. The directors decided to incorporate it during the development process, which helped shape the story and add another layer of terror. With this addition, the film became a supernatural thriller centered around the haunting consequences of playing a dangerous game.

Talk To Me has been receiving positive reviews and has been performing well at the box office. Its success can be attributed to its ability to scare audiences without relying solely on excessive violence. The Philippou brothers were conscious of striking a balance between delivering a thrilling horror experience and avoiding crossing the line into gratuitous gore. This decision ultimately paid off, as the movie has resonated with viewers and garnered critical acclaim.

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The directors, who gained fame through their YouTube channel RackaRacka, are excited about their directorial debut and the reception it has received so far. They credit their experience on YouTube for honing their skills in creating engaging content and building an audience. This background has helped them transition into the world of feature filmmaking and contributed to the success of Talk To Me.

Audiences can now watch Talk To Me in cinemas and experience the chills and thrills it has to offer. The film stands out in the horror genre for its ability to balance scares with compelling storytelling. Danny and Michael Philippou have created a truly haunting gem that showcases their talent and promises a bright future for their careers as directors.

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