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Phase 5 Bombshell in the MCU Leads to a More Sensible Successor for the Avengers

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The recent bombshell from Secret Invasion in Phase 5 of the MCU reveals a problematic secret project overseen by Nick Fury. This revelation may lead governments to become reluctant to rely on superheroes as much as they have in the past. The fallout of Secret Invasion, including the threat of the Skrulls, could result in the creation of the Thunderbolts, a government-sanctioned team with limited superpowers.

In Secret Invasion, there is a significant alien infiltration within major seats of power and institutions, including the White House. The threat of the Skrulls is made public, leading to the United States and Russia almost engaging in nuclear warfare. This fallout may motivate the creation of the Thunderbolts, especially after Fury’s secret DNA project, known as The Harvest.

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In The Harvest, Fury orders Skrulls to collect the DNA of almost every powered Avenger present during the final battle of Endgame. This secret project leads the Skrull general Gravik to conduct Super-Skrull experiments in his desire to claim Earth for his people. If knowledge of The Harvest gets out, governments may be more apprehensive towards superhumans and their powers. This could explain why the Thunderbolts have limited superpowers compared to the original Avengers.

The Thunderbolts’ roster in the MCU consists of US and Russian operatives. Bucky Barnes, Ghost, U.S.Agent, Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, and Taskmaster are all part of the team with connections to both the US and Russia. This selection of agents may be a response to the fallout caused by the Skrulls in Secret Invasion. The Thunderbolts could be assembled as a joint response between the two nations, with the events of Secret Invasion contributing to the ongoing geopolitical turmoil in the MCU.

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Overall, Secret Invasion and the fallout from it may result in governments being reluctant to rely on superheroes, leading to the creation of the Thunderbolts. The team’s roster of US and Russian operatives with limited superpowers reflects the consequences of the Skrull threat in Secret Invasion.

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