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Piglin Trade List: Unveiling the Trade Options and How to Obtain Them

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In Minecraft, players have the opportunity to trade with Piglins in the Nether to obtain various items. These items range from enchanted books to pieces of armor. However, the drop rate for these items can vary, so it requires patience and persistence to get the desired items. To increase the chances of getting better trades, players need to capture multiple Piglins.

To trade with Piglins, players must wear a single piece of Gold armor, such as a helmet, chest piece, or boots. Wearing Gold armor is essential as it prevents Piglins from attacking players, making trading safe. The best place to find Piglins is in the Crimson Forest area of the Nether. If players haven’t accessed the Nether yet, they need to create a Nether Portal using Obsidian and a Flint/Steel. Once players enter the Nether, they will encounter Piglins.

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To trade with a Piglin, players need to throw a Gold Ingot in front of them. The Piglin will then pick up the Gold Ingot and offer the player an item in return. The traded item is random, and players cannot influence the odds. However, most of the items traded by Piglins are usually worth the price of a single Gold Ingot. Each item traded by Piglins has its own drop rate.

Here is a list of some of the items players can get from Piglin trades and their approximate drop rates:

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– Enchanted Book with Soul Speed: 1%
– Ender Pearl: 2%
– Iron Boots with Soul Speed Enchantment: 2%
– Iron Nugget: 2%
– Potion of Fire Resistance: 2%
– Splash Potion of Fire Resistance: 2%
– Water Bottle: 2%
– Glowstone Dust: 4%
– Nether Quartz: 4%
– String: 4%
– Magma Cream: 5%
– Fire Charge: 9%
– Gravel: 9%
– Leather: 9%
– Nether Brick: 9%
– Obsidian: 9%
– Soul Sand: 9%
– Blackstone: 9%
– Crying Obsidian: 9%

To obtain more Gold Ingots for trading, players can mine Gold Ore in the deeper parts of caverns. Smelting Gold Ore in a Furnace will turn it into Gold Ingots.

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If players want to maximize their Piglin trades, they can watch tutorials on creating automated Piglin farms, which can greatly increase the number of trades available.

Overall, trading with Piglins in Minecraft offers a unique opportunity to obtain valuable items. With the right approach and some patience, players can make the most out of these trades and enhance their gaming experience.

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