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Quentin Tarantino Shows His Appreciation for Disney’s Freaky Friday

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Disney’s 2003 film Freaky Friday has gained a dedicated fan base over the years, thanks to the on-screen chemistry between Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. However, it appears that the film has also won the admiration of Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s director, Mark Waters, revealed that Tarantino is a huge fan of Freaky Friday. Waters recounted an encounter at a party where Tarantino went into great detail about one particular scene from the film — the House of Blues audition scene. According to Waters, Tarantino explained why he believed the scene was a stroke of genius and the perfect ending for the movie. Waters was thrilled by Tarantino’s enthusiasm, describing the experience as Tarantino “fan-geeking” over him.

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One aspect of Freaky Friday that has resonated with audiences is the use of music, particularly the song “Take Me Away.” Originally performed by the Australian punk rock band Lash, the song gained popularity through its inclusion in the film’s final scene. The catchy tune became a favorite among fans, and its popularity has endured over the years.

Last week, the pop band Meet Me @ the Alter announced that they would be covering “Take Me Away” for the deluxe version of their upcoming album, Past // Present // Future. The band expressed their admiration for Lash, stating that they had been a significant influence on their own musical journey. The announcement of this cover version has sparked excitement among fans, who hope that the song will be featured in the upcoming sequel to Freaky Friday.

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While details about the sequel are still scarce, the news of the “Take Me Away” cover has increased anticipation among fans. The original film garnered a dedicated following, and many are eager to see how the sequel will continue or expand upon the beloved story.

Freaky Friday’s enduring popularity speaks to its ability to captivate audiences through its heartwarming story and memorable moments. With Quentin Tarantino among its fans and new artists like Meet Me @ the Alter honoring its music, the film’s legacy continues to thrive. As fans eagerly await the release of the sequel, they can take comfort in knowing that the spirit of Freaky Friday lives on through its dedicated fan base and the impact it has had on the entertainment industry.

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