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Ranking the 6 Captain Marvel Suits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, has had multiple superhero suits throughout her journey. Her first suit was her Kree Starforce suit, which matched other Kree combatants and featured a dark gray and teal color pattern. This suit reflected her time serving in the Kree Starforce and her status as an alien special forces member.

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In Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel had two different suits. Her first Endgame suit was similar to her suit in her solo movie, but with more gold accents to showcase her power as one of the strongest Avengers. The suit also featured a bit more CGI, which made it visually different from her other outfits. Her second Endgame suit had an inversion of her normal blue and red layout, with red in the lower chest and blue higher up. This suit showcased a different but on-brand appearance for the character.

After realizing that she had been manipulated and lied to by the Kree, Carol changed her suit in her solo movie. This suit replaced the teal and dark gray colors with rich blues and reds, and had gold accents that popped. This suit was practical, realistic, and befitting of a superhero.

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The Marvels, an upcoming Phase 5 movie, has already revealed a new suit for Captain Marvel. This suit stands out with its muted color palette and a large emblem on the chest. It is a departure from her previous suits and will likely have a narrative justification in the film.

Carol Danvers’ superhero suits represent her character’s development, regained memories, and allegiances. From her Kree Starforce suit to her updated Endgame suits and her new suit in The Marvels, each costume reflects a different stage of her journey and showcases her power and strength as one of the MCU’s strongest heroes.

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