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Ranking the Top 10 Most Terrifying Anime Robots

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The article discusses some of the scariest robots in anime. While anime is known for its mecha and cyberpunk works, it lacks true robots. However, there are still some terrifying robots to be found in the medium.

One of the scariest robots mentioned is the Devil Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Created as a tool to evolve the human body, the Devil Gundam evolves into sentience and prefers to use humans as fuel sources instead of pilots. It can make endless copies of itself to fight as its army.

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The Magi from Neon Genesis Evangelion is another terrifying robot. Although it has been implanted with the personality of Ritsuko’s mother, it is still a pure machine. The system is capable of causing untold amounts of damage if not properly controlled.

The Big Gete Star from Dragon Ball Z: The Return Of Cooler is a planet-sized lump of metal controlled by a computer chip. It can drain planets dry of their energy and becomes even deadlier when fused with Cooler.

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Tres Iqus from Trinity Blood is a ruthless mechanical soldier known as the Vatican’s “Killing Dolls”. Despite having an organic brain and the ability to experience human emotion, Tres considers himself to lack a soul.

The Ashtanga from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are faceless, massive ships shaped like mockeries of human bodies. They are capable of launching smaller fighters and their stonily staring faces can scream loud enough to subdue victims.

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Blame! features nightmarish robots in a post-apocalyptic world. The Exterminators, created by the Safeguard supercomputer, can fire lethal beam attacks and leering at their victims. There are also robots who can disguise themselves as humans and lead rebellious humans into traps.

The Legion from 86 Eighty-Six is a robotic army made up of the minds of murdered humans. They are particularly horrifying to fight, especially for the protagonist Shin and his increased sensitivity to the dead.

The Puppetmaster from Ghost In The Shell is an advanced piece of artificial intelligence that hacks the minds and memories of humans, possessing them and erasing their identity.

In The Animatrix, the machines unleash horrifying attacks on humanity, blowing up major cities, melting people with toxic chemicals, and creating a twisted version of the Matrix.

In Gyo, the Death Stench is a bioweapon that can turn humans and animals into mindless machines. Once infected, there is no hope of recovery.

Overall, these robots showcase the terrifying possibilities of technology in anime.

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