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Reality TV Personalities Speak Candidly About Their Battles with Mental Health

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Reality television has become increasingly popular over the past 30 years, with networks relying on unscripted shows to fill their schedules. However, the psychological well-being of contestants on these shows is often overlooked. While some shows offer psychological support to protect against lawsuits, others provide 24/7 counseling and require follow-up care after filming wraps.

One former Bachelor contestant, who chose to remain anonymous, shared her experience of dealing with online hate after her appearance on the show. She sought help but felt belittled and blamed by the show psychologist. This lack of support is not uncommon, as many shows only provide counseling during certain points in the production process.

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Love Island, a reality dating show, implemented new procedures in 2021 following the suicides of two contestants and the show’s host. These measures included pre-filming assessments, post-show therapy sessions, and training on adjusting to life back home. The program now also requires contestants and their families to pause social media during filming and participate in behavioral workshops.

Not all reality shows provide the same level of mental health support. Netflix’s Love Is Blind, for example, offers no on-set support at all. Some contestants reported being in a “dark place” during filming and were urged to continue despite having suicidal thoughts. Contestants were even fined if they wanted to leave the show.

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Being a contestant on a reality show can take a toll on one’s mental health, and not everyone is cut out for the experience. Some contestants have quit shows due to the overwhelming stress and emotional strain it puts on them. However, even when contestants do have access to therapy, it may not be available whenever they need it.

Overall, the psychological impact of being on a reality show is often disregarded, with producers more focused on creating dramatic storylines for entertainment purposes. It is important for these shows to prioritize the mental health of their contestants and provide adequate support before, during, and after filming.

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