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Recap of Episode 10 of Project Runway Season 20

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In this episode of Project Runway All Stars, the remaining designers were tasked with creating looks that represented their own interpretation of freedom. They were given two days and a budget of $750 to complete their designs.

While sketching their designs, the All Stars engaged in a conversation about what freedom means to them. Kara Saun, Laurence, and Korto, three Black women, discussed the importance of supporting each other and representing their shared experiences on the show. Bishme reflected on his roots and expressed his hope that his journey could inspire others to be free. Prajjé, who has experienced violence in his home country, emphasized how important freedom is to him. These conversations highlighted the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the contestants.

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Once the sketches were complete, the designers headed to the fabric store to select their materials. Christian, the mentor, encouraged Laurence to be more daring with her design and convinced her to choose a purple leather instead of black.

Back in the workroom, the designers began bringing their designs to life. Kara Saun drew inspiration from a non-profit organization called “Fashion Fairy Godmother” and aimed to create a structural moment with her design. Laurence, known for her tailored jackets, decided to transform one into a long skirt. Prajjé drew inspiration from a snake goddess and hoped that his look would reintroduce his work to the judges. Bishme impressed Christian with his idea, and Korto aimed to create the most amazing robe she has ever made.

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During the day, there were accusations of “plagiarism” as Prajjé noticed that Brittany was using a similar top to his design from a previous challenge. He scrawled a note to Korto, expressing his frustration. However, this issue was not resolved in the episode, and it remains to be seen if it will be addressed in the future.

On the day of the runway, the designers faced some last-minute challenges. Laurence was not completely satisfied with her skirt and had to make adjustments to ensure it fit the model properly. Christian suggested that Kara Saun remove the cape from her look, which she disagreed with. Despite these obstacles, the runway show turned out to be a success, with the rain adding an unexpected element.

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During the judging, Bishme received high praise for his design, with judges Elaine, Nina, and Brandon commending him for his trendsetting style. Rami was also praised for his elegant and red carpet-ready design. Laurence’s design was deemed gorgeous, although the practicality was questioned. Prajjé and Kara Saun found themselves in the bottom, with their designs receiving criticism.

In the end, Bishme was declared the winner of the challenge, while Kara Saun was sent home. It was an emotional goodbye for Kara Saun, as she had been part of the show since the beginning.

Next week, the All Stars will face the challenge of creating one look that showcases two styles. Korto is feeling conflicted by mixed messages from the judges. The episode promises more drama and excitement as the competition continues.

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