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Recap of Season 2, Episode 5 of Below Deck Down Under

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In Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Episode 5, tensions aboard the yacht Northern Sun continue to rise as the crew navigates challenging weather conditions and complicated romantic relationships. Harry, who previously had his eyes on Margot, becomes hopeful about a potential relationship with her after seeing her make out with Luke. However, Margot throws Harry under the bus by telling Luke that she doesn’t always want to be with him. Later, Luke and Margot share a steamy shower, which Aesha finds amusing.

Meanwhile, Laura, who is 15 minutes late to her shift, has a tense interaction with Aesha. Despite the crew’s frustrations, they manage to pull together as charter three arrives. The crew prepares to greet the guests, a group from California who enjoy drinking and having fun. However, Adam becomes seasick, and Laura continues to criticize Aesha’s use of store-bought lime juice.

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In the galley, Culver helps Tzarina by washing up, and he admits in a confessional that he’s looking for a laidback summer fling. The guests enjoy their Japanese lunch despite the bad weather. Later, during a birthday dinner, Margot reveals to Aesha that she likes Harry after sharing a “really nice kiss.” Aesha advises Margot to keep kissing him until her “vagina’s excited.”

Laura, overhearing a conversation between Luke and Aesha where Luke labels her a “Category 5 Clinger,” becomes interested in Adam once again. However, Adam makes it clear that he’s just looking for friends. As dinner is served, Tzarina realizes that one guest’s meal is too plain and makes a mistake by preparing a tomahawk steak for guests who don’t eat red meat. The guests send some food back, and Tzarina starts to feel overwhelmed.

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In the next episode, tensions continue to rise as producers step in to address the situation with Luke. Viewers will have to tune in to see how the crew handles the escalating drama on the yacht. Below Deck Down Under airs on Bravo.

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