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Reportedly Revealed: Runtimes for Ahsoka’s First Episodes

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The first two episodes of the upcoming Disney+ TV show Ahsoka will reportedly have runtimes of 54 minutes 21 seconds and 42 minutes 15 seconds. This suggests that the show will have longer episodes than The Mandalorian, which has had shorter episodes ranging from 30 to 56 minutes. The variation in episode lengths for Ahsoka indicates that different episodes may have different runtimes.

The rise of streaming platforms has led to a change in episode lengths, with studios producing shorter episodes to reduce visual effects (VFX) costs. However, Lucasfilm seems to be breaking that pattern with Ahsoka, which is produced using VFX technology called the Volume. This technology is expected to keep costs under control while still delivering high-quality visuals.

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The longer runtimes for Ahsoka also suggest that the show will have a multitude of different plots. Ahsoka is essentially the continuation of a story that has been developed by Dave Filoni since 2008, and it is not surprising that he has many ideas in the works. Trailers for Ahsoka have hinted at various storylines, including the quest for Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sabine’s unexpected Jedi training. With so many plots to explore, every minute of the runtime will likely be utilized.

Compared to other Disney+ TV shows, Ahsoka’s premiere episode is already comparable to the longest episodes of The Mandalorian. Viewers can expect almost 2 hours of new Star Wars content when the first two episodes of Ahsoka release on August 23. It remains to be seen how the episode lengths will vary throughout the rest of the series.

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Overall, the reported runtimes for Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2 suggest that the show will offer longer episodes than The Mandalorian and will make full use of its runtime to explore various storylines. Fans can look forward to a substantial amount of new Star Wars content when Ahsoka premieres on Disney+.

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