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Scarlet Bond Falls Short in Delivering

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The new anime film, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Scarlet Bond, has been released in theaters. While it may satisfy fans of the franchise, the movie doesn’t offer much to newcomers. The film debuted in Japan and has seen some success, with its American release being initially limited but potentially extended. Scarlet Bond tells an original story that takes place after the second season of the anime and before the upcoming third season.

The movie follows protagonist Rimuru Tempest as he meets Hiiro, another survivor of the Ogre Village massacre. Hiiro is in service of a Queen who saved his life but is constantly risking her own life for her people. Rimuru and the people of Tempest must solve the mystery to save the Queen and her kingdom. However, the film falls short in several aspects.

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One disappointment is the animation quality, which doesn’t seem to be significantly different from the series itself. While there are some impressive action scenes towards the end, the animation overall feels cheap. The film also lacks action until the climax, with a significant portion of the runtime focused on discussing problems and backstory, particularly Hiiro’s.

Hiiro is a likable character but falls into the clichéd “long-lost sibling” trope. He has close relationships with many characters despite never being mentioned before. The film struggles to incorporate Rimuru properly. Rimuru is extremely powerful at this point in the series, which makes every challenge trivial. His overpowering abilities break the plot of the film and remove any sense of suspense or tension.

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As a result, the ending of the film comes across as anti-climactic. Furthermore, the film undoes all negative consequences and sacrifices, making them meaningless. This is a common trend in the Slime series, but it may disappoint those looking for a more complex or unpredictable storyline. For existing fans of the series, the film may hold some novelty as a niche property on the big screen, but it doesn’t offer much beyond that.

In conclusion, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Scarlet Bond is a film that caters more to fans of the series rather than newcomers. The animation quality is not significantly different from the series, and the film lacks action until the climax. Rimuru’s overwhelming power flattens the plot, and the ending is underwhelming. While existing fans may enjoy seeing the series on the big screen, general anime enthusiasts may find little reason to watch this film in theaters.

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