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Scott Wern from 90 Day Fiancé Issues Warning to Critics: Preparing to Confront Them on Social Media

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90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise star Scott Wern has warned fans not to offer him unsolicited advice on his Instagram account. The reality TV newcomer, who made his debut on the show in the latest season, has been facing criticism from fans ever since he broke up with Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia Morel and chose his younger ex-girlfriend instead. In a video, Scott compared his social media presence to entering someone’s house and suggested that criticism should not be welcome. He further warned his critics that if they continue to offer him advice, he will personally go through their Instagram accounts and critique everything.

However, Scott’s warning has not been well received by fans. Many believe that his Instagram account is not comparable to his personal house and argue that if he chose to expose his personal life to thousands of people on social media, he should be prepared to face both positive and negative consequences. They feel that Scott should be humble and grateful to his followers instead of lashing out at everyone and being hateful towards those who choose to follow his online life. Additionally, some pointed out that Scott’s warning may not be effective since anyone can comment on his page, even if they don’t follow him.

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Scott’s most significant backlash came from his decision to break up with Lidia on the show. He blamed the language barrier, but it was later revealed that he wanted to reunite with his younger ex. Scott faced further disappointment when his ex turned him down, and Lidia chose not to take him back. Recently, he attempted to pursue Tiffany Franco, but she ultimately rejected his proposal.

Overall, Scott Wern’s warning to fans not to offer him unsolicited advice on Instagram has been met with criticism from viewers. Many believe that he should be prepared for criticism if he chooses to share his personal life on social media and that he should show gratitude towards his followers instead of responding with hate.

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