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Screambox’s August Streaming Lineup featuring The Texas Chain Saw Massacre & Clue Documentary

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Horror streaming service Screambox has announced its lineup of new additions for the month of August. With a mix of classics, cult hits, new exclusives, and modern gems, there is something for every horror fan.

One of the standout additions for the month is Tobe Hooper’s iconic film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This gritty masterpiece will be joining the service just in time for the upcoming video game from Gun Media, adding to the excitement for fans of the franchise.

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In terms of fresh new exclusive content, Screambox will be streaming Dutch gateway horror film Ghastly Brothers starting today. This unique film offers a fresh take on the horror genre and is sure to captivate audiences. On August 8, viewers can look forward to the release of Who Done It: The Clue Documentary, a fascinating exploration of the 1985 cult classic movie adaptation of the popular board game Clue. The documentary features interviews with the cast and crew, discussing the film’s enduring legacy.

Another exclusive addition to Screambox is the Australian found footage film, Subject, which will be available on August 22. The film follows a prisoner who becomes entangled in a sinister government experiment involving an unknown creature. This thrilling and suspenseful movie is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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The month’s exclusive offerings are capped off with RoboDoc, a four-part docuseries that takes a retrospective look at Paul Verhoeven’s iconic film, RoboCop. This series features interviews with Verhoeven and the film’s cast and crew, providing insights into the making of this sci-fi classic.

In addition to these exclusives, Screambox will be streaming a range of other horror films throughout the month. Some highlights include The Innkeepers, directed by Ti West, the body horror film Starry Eyes, several Hatchet sequels, and the ’80s gem Chopping Mall.

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For horror fans looking to enjoy Screambox’s offerings, the streaming service is available on various platforms including iOS, Android, Roku, YouTube TV, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

With such a diverse range of horror films being added to Screambox in August, there is sure to be something for every horror enthusiast. Whether you’re a fan of classics, cult hits, or modern gems, this month’s lineup promises to deliver thrills and chills.

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