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Senku’s Crew Achieves a Significant Milestone in Dr. Stone: New World

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In the first episode of Dr. Stone season 3, Senku and the people of Ishigami village make a groundbreaking discovery: the re-discovery of agriculture. The goal of the season is to launch a ship that can cross the ocean, but one of the biggest obstacles they face is finding food that can last during their journey. Up until now, the village has relied on fishing and foraging for their food supply, but that won’t be enough for a long voyage. They need to grow their own food.

To find the resources they need for the ship, Senku and Ryusui constructed a hot air balloon to spot oil fields from the air. While doing so, they also spotted a herd of feral goats and a large field of wild-growing wheat. Harvesting the wheat for seeds, the villagers were able to till the land and plant the seeds. They also used seashells as fertilizer to enhance their crops.

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Growing the wheat took time, but it was a monumental moment for the villagers. They finally have a stable food supply and won’t have to rely solely on fishing anymore. In the past, there were years where there wasn’t enough fish, leading to starvation among the villagers. The return of agriculture is a game-changer for the people of Dr. Stone’s world, especially with the increased population from Tsukasa’s Empire of Might.

Having a steady food supply is essential not only for survival but also for the mission to cross the ocean. Agriculture is a massive leap forward technologically and shows the importance of science in rebuilding humanity. It is a significant milestone in humanity’s comeback and sets the stage for the challenges and advancements to come in Dr. Stone season 3.

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