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Sister Wives Season 18 Teaser: Kody Brown’s Life Starts Falling Apart

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The latest updates on the reality TV show Sister Wives reveal that the polygamist family is experiencing significant relationship issues. Christine, the third wife, has already left her husband Kody and moved back to Utah. Janelle, the second wife, is also contemplating leaving Kody. Meri, the first wife, is questioning whether she can continue her relationship with Kody as just friends, while Robyn, the fourth wife and Kody’s favorite, continues to pretend to be sad without shedding any tears.

Christine left Kody because she felt he had favorites among the wives. When Kody told Christine that he didn’t see them having a sexual relationship again, she decided to leave him and make a better life for herself. Meri also expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation, saying that being referred to as just friends was not enough for her. Meri divorced Kody in 2014 to help him legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children from a previous marriage. However, Meri didn’t anticipate the emotional toll it would take on her. She subsequently became emotionally involved in a catfishing situation, which Kody never forgave her for.

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Janelle accused Kody of manipulating and believes that he thinks love means the man always gets his way. During an argument, Kody walked out of the room instead of trying to talk things out with Janelle, showing an inability to handle confrontation. Janelle, however, stood her ground and even swore at Kody before ordering the production team to stop filming. Janelle is popular among fans of the show, even if Robyn remains Kody’s favorite wife.

The future of the Browns’ plural marriage is uncertain. Will Meri and Janelle also leave Kody? And does Robyn want to have Kody all to herself? These questions will likely be answered in the upcoming season of Sister Wives, which premieres on August 20.

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Overall, it is evident from the recent developments that the Browns’ polygamist relationship is facing many challenges and may be on the verge of collapse.

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