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Sofia Vergara Admirers Criticize Teresa Giudice on Instagram Over RHONJ Star’s Mockery of Her Accent

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has found herself in hot water after making offensive comments about actress Sofia Vergara on her podcast. During the podcast episode titled “Namaste B$tches,” Teresa claimed that Sofia was not nice to her and proceeded to mock Sofia’s Colombian accent. She also suggested that Sofia should be more “humble” due to her immigrant status.

Teresa’s comments quickly sparked backlash from Sofia’s fans, who flooded the comment section of Teresa’s Instagram posts. Many fans called out Teresa for mocking Sofia’s accent and reminded her that Sofia is a citizen who has worked hard for her success. Others pointed out Teresa’s own struggles with languages, noting that she can barely speak Italian or English.

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The comments from Sofia’s fans were relentless, with many expressing their disappointment in Teresa’s behavior. They were particularly upset given Teresa’s own Italian heritage and the fact that her parents likely faced similar challenges as immigrants.

As of now, Teresa has not addressed the controversy or apologized for her comments. However, it is clear that her behavior has angered many people and is not being well-received. The optics of the situation are also not favorable for Teresa, who may want to consider addressing the issue and cleaning up the controversy.

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Overall, it seems that Teresa’s remarks about Sofia have landed her in a difficult situation. It remains to be seen how she will handle the backlash and whether she will address her poor behavior. However, it is clear that her comments have not been well-received and have sparked anger among Sofia’s fans.

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