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Standalone Album Featuring Anime Soundtrack Dominates the Charts

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The fictional band from the popular anime series Bocchi the Rock! has topped the weekly album rankings, surpassing well-known musical groups. The album, titled “Kessoku Band,” which shares its name with the band in the anime, claimed the number one spot for the hottest album of the week ending on January 7, 2023. Since its debut on December 28, 2022, the album has sold nearly 74,000 copies.

The album garnered the most downloads for two consecutive weeks and continues to maintain its popularity. It has outsold renowned bands such as Ellegarden and NCT Dream, as well as Ado of One Piece Film: Red fame. The success of the album reflects the growing importance of music in anime, and Bocchi the Rock! has embraced this trend wholeheartedly. The series explores the musical connection and features 14 songs on the “Kessoku Band” album, including the anime’s opening theme song “Seishun Complex” and the joyful ending song “Distortion.” The album also includes songs featured in the anime, as well as several new releases.

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Bocchi the Rock! premiered in October 2022 and quickly became one of the most popular anime of the Fall 2022 season. The album’s success is indicative of the show’s popularity, with its main characters consistently outshining those from other popular anime like Spy x Family, Blue Lock, and Chainsaw Man. Although a second season for Bocchi the Rock! has not yet been announced, the album’s popularity suggests that fans are eager for more content, including another season and a new album.

This news demonstrates how life imitates art, as the fictional band’s album has triumphed over real-life musicians in the charts. It also highlights the significant role of music in anime and how it can energize and shape the narrative. Bocchi the Rock! has embraced this musical connection, resulting in the creation of an album that has resonated with fans and garnered immense success.

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