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Stunning Cosplay Transforms Spy x Family Fan into Thorn Princess Yor

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Professional cosplayer Yaya Han has wowed fans with her stunning cosplay of Yor Forger, the infamous assassin/wife/mother from the popular anime Spy x Family. Han showcased her breathtaking transformation on her Instagram account, donning Yor’s iconic black assassin outfit complete with the rose choker and a skirt patterned with red roses on the inside. She also wore an exotic rose crown on top of her head, adding to the overall aesthetic.

In her Instagram post, Han included a quote from the series: “When you point a blade at someone… you don’t get to complain when one is pointed back at you.” She also mentioned that the shorter dress she wore was easier to move in, thanks to the stretch in the embossed knit fabric she used. The photographer behind the “Murder Mommy Yor” photoshoot was Judy Stephens.

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Han also shared a behind-the-scenes video detailing the creation of her Yor costume. She explained that she used a scuba black fabric with damask embossing for the dress, which she haggled for in the LA fashion district. The lining of the dress was made from red/gold floral brocade from her own Cosplay Fabrics line, and all the pleather straps were from her trim collection available at JOANN Fabric and Crafts. Fans of Spy x Family have been raving about Han’s cosplay, calling it “absolutely stunning” and “gorgeous.”

However, Han is not the only cosplayer who has dressed up as Yor Forger. Enako, known as the number one cosplayer in Japan, also transformed herself into Yor for a Japanese variety show focused on manga. Another cosplayer embodied the Thorn Princess beautifully at Katsucon, while another creative fan used the golden hour to capture Yor’s motherly warmth in her costume.

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Spy x Family is an action spy comedy created by Tatsuya Endo. The series follows the Forger family as they adjust to their new life as a family, unaware of the double lives they’re hiding from each other. Season 2 of Spy x Family is expected to premiere in October, and a theatrical film titled Spy x Family Code: White will be released in Japanese theaters on December 22nd.

Han’s incredible cosplay of Yor Forger has captivated fans of the series, showcasing her talent and attention to detail. Her transformation into the Thorn Princess is truly jaw-dropping and a testament to the creativity and passion of the cosplay community.

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