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Teresa Giudice’s Most Memorable Meltdowns

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Teresa Giudice, a cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey, is known for her explosive freakouts on the show. While many argue that she is the root of the problem, Teresa herself believes that she is merely seeking justice for those who have upset or betrayed her. In this article, some of Teresa’s biggest freakouts are highlighted.

One of Teresa’s most memorable moments was her table flip during Season 1 of the show. During a dinner with the cast, including Danielle Staub, tensions rose as they questioned Danielle’s association with a controversial book. Teresa, who had strong values against lying and stripping, became enraged and flipped the table in a fit of anger.

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Another noteworthy freakout occurred when Teresa physically removed the show’s host, Andy Cohen, from her path during a reunion taping. Teresa, fueled by her anger towards Danielle, lifted Andy and pushed him back into his chair, leaving him shocked.

During a Nashville trip with the cast, tensions between Teresa and Margaret Josephs reached a breaking point. Margaret called Teresa a “sick disgusting liar,” which prompted Teresa to throw cocktails at Margaret and call her explicit names. Once again, Teresa’s anger got the best of her, and she had to be forcefully restrained.

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In another incident, Teresa lost control during the Season 10 finale. It was revealed that she had played a role in a physical altercation between Margaret and Danielle. Teresa reacted by flipping off the camera crew and throwing a drink at them. She stormed out of the party in anger when she realized this footage would be used.

Overall, Teresa has become known for her hysterical and emotionally-charged outbursts, which viewers often anticipate. While some may see her behavior as problematic, Teresa sees herself as standing up for herself and seeking justice. These freakouts have solidified Teresa’s reputation as a dramatic and entertaining cast member on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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