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Terry Dubrow Opens Up About a Personal Health Scare During WWHL Interview

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow’s husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live to discuss his recent health scare. Terry revealed that he had symptoms of a stroke due to an anatomical defect in his heart. He credits his wife, Heather, with saving his life by insisting that he go to the emergency room.

During the show, host Andy Cohen mentioned that Terry had initially been resistant to seeking help, even though he was experiencing stroke symptoms. Terry admitted that he kept insisting he was “fine.” Eventually, he did go to the hospital and was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. Terry emphasized the importance of recognizing stroke symptoms and seeking medical attention as soon as possible. He stated that if symptoms include trouble speaking, a bad headache, or partial paralysis, it’s crucial to rule out a stroke within a few hours to prevent a major stroke, which can be fatal.

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Terry expressed his gratitude towards Heather for insisting on the hospital visit and ultimately saving his life. He mentioned that if he had ignored her and gotten on a plane with her to New York for the show, he would have been at risk of developing more blood clots and likely would not have survived. Andy Cohen praised the couple’s strong and inspiring love for each other.

In addition to discussing his health scare, Terry mentioned that new episodes of his show, Botched, will be airing on E!. Heather added that the moment she knew Terry was okay was when he made the hospital staff put on the premiere of Botched in the emergency room. The couple shared a lighthearted moment, joking about Terry’s narcissism.

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Overall, the interview highlighted the importance of recognizing stroke symptoms and the role that loved ones can play in saving lives. Terry’s story serves as a reminder to seek medical attention promptly, even if you or someone you know feels resistant or believes they are “fine.” The couple’s strong bond and Heather’s insistence on medical help were praised by the host and viewers.

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