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The Aftermath of Georgia’s Season 1: Unveiling the Truth

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Former reality star Georgia Grobler, known for her appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, has moved on from her yachting career and is now focusing on modeling and music. Despite her initial lack of experience in yachting, Georgia found her footing on the show and became skilled in the laundry room. Georgia had a platonic friendship with first mate Paget Berry, despite having a small crush on him, and never acted on her feelings.

During her time on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1, Georgia worked as the third stew alongside second stew Madison Stalker and chief stew Jenna Macgillivray. At the beginning, Georgia felt out of place due to her limited yachting experience. Despite facing initial challenges and Jenna’s tough approach, she was encouraged to stay by Madison. As the season progressed, Georgia became a master in the laundry room and developed a close working relationship with Jenna, despite Madison’s dislike of her. Georgia also had a crush on first mate Paget Berry, but as he was in a relationship with deckhand Ciara Duggan, she never acted on her feelings and maintained a platonic friendship with Paget.

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Since her time on the show, Georgia has dabbled in the modeling world and has been sharing her music on her YouTube channel. Her social media posts primarily feature her modeling photos, travels, and singing, indicating that she has chosen to leave her yachting career behind. Recently, Georgia made headlines again when Mzi Dempers from Below Deck Mediterranean revealed that they had a past together.

Mzi, a new deckhand on Below Deck Med season 6, disclosed in an interview that he and Georgia had hooked up a few times in the past. They initially met in 2017 while they were both on land in South Africa, where they attended a formal dinner as each other’s dates. They didn’t have much communication before Mzi joined the show, but they reconnected after he returned from filming. Mzi explained that they bonded over their experiences in the Below Deck franchise.

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It appears that Georgia has left the yachting industry behind and is focusing on her modeling and music career. She is currently content with her path as a model, singer, and yoga instructor and shows no signs of returning to the yachting industry.

Overall, Georgia Grobler has transitioned from her yachting career to pursue modeling and music. Despite having little experience initially, she excelled on Below Deck Sailing Yacht and developed a close working relationship with her chief stew Jenna. She also had a crush on first mate Paget Berry, but they remained friends. Post-show, Georgia has been focusing on modeling and music, sharing her work on social media. Additionally, it was revealed that she had a past with fellow Below Deck star Mzi Dempers. However, she seems content with her current career path and has moved on from yachting.

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