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The Explanation Behind Loki’s Glitching in Season 2: Understanding Time-Slipping

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The Loki season 2 trailer introduces the concept of time-slipping, which is similar to glitching in the Spider-Verse franchise. It is unclear if there is a technical difference between time-slipping and glitching, or if it’s just a difference in terminology. Loki’s time-slipping may have been caused by his encounter with He Who Remains and the breaking of the Sacred Timeline, or it could be a time-based attack by one or more Kang variants.

In the trailer, Loki is shown experiencing time-slipping, where he is randomly teleporting across time and space. This condition is identified by O.B. from the Time Variance Authority as “time-slipping.” However, it is supposed to be impossible to time-slip within the TVA’s offices, raising concerns. It is uncertain why Loki is time-slipping, but it could be a side effect of his encounter with He Who Remains and the chaos caused by the broken Sacred Timeline. Alternatively, it could be a time-based attack by one of the Kang variants.

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The symptoms of Loki’s time-slipping are similar to glitching in the Spider-Verse films, where beings experience physical pain as their bodies shift in an unfamiliar reality. However, it is unclear if time-slipping and glitching are the same thing. Other multiverse travelers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe did not show similar symptoms, raising the possibility of other factors at play, such as Doctor Strange’s magic or the similarities between the alternate universes. The cause of Loki’s time-slipping remains a mystery that will be explored in season 2.

Despite the challenges of time-slipping, it may prove to be beneficial to Loki. His random travels through time set the story of season 2 into motion, and he describes seeing information that suggests the world is in danger of utter destruction. This positions Loki as a potential oracle for the TVA, guiding them in their battle against Kang and his variants. However, it remains to be seen if the information Loki sees is accurate and if he and his allies can navigate the correct course of action.

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Overall, Loki’s time-slipping introduces a new element of chaos and uncertainty to the series, as the God of Mischief becomes an unexpected source of knowledge and potential salvation for the TVA. Loki season 2 is set to premiere on October 6th on Disney+.

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