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Director Martin Campbell, known for GoldenEye and Casino Royale, doesn’t believe that killing off Daniel Craig’s James Bond in No Time To Die is a big deal. Campbell, who directed both Brosnan and Craig’s debut Bond films, thinks that the next Bond film will simply ignore Bond’s death and introduce a new actor to play the iconic secret agent. While killing off Bond may seem like a radical move, it is consistent with the franchise’s tradition of not addressing the change in actors when casting a new Bond.

Campbell believes that the next Bond film will treat Bond’s death as if it never happened and continue the series with a new actor. He argues that there is no need for an explanation as to how Bond is still alive because each new Bond actor represents a new iteration of the character. According to Campbell, Bond will always be Bond, regardless of who is playing the role.

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Addressing Bond’s death in the next film would be a truly radical move for the franchise. It would establish that the “James Bond” moniker is merely an alias and that each actor represents a new character with the Bond codename. This would be a significant departure from the previous films, which have treated Bond as a continuous character despite the change in actors. However, it is unlikely that such a franchise-shaking change will occur, as the Bond producers have typically favored a conservative approach to storytelling.

Despite the potential for a major shift in the franchise, Campbell predicts that the next film will follow tradition and introduce a new Bond without acknowledging the death of Craig’s Bond. This decision aligns with the franchise’s history of seamlessly transitioning between actors without addressing the change. The focus will likely be on introducing a new Bond and continuing the series with a fresh take on the character.

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In conclusion, Campbell’s view on killing off Bond reflects his belief that it is a minor detail in the grand scheme of the franchise. He anticipates that the series will carry on as if nothing happened, with a new actor stepping into the role of James Bond. While the idea of addressing Bond’s death and redefining the character may be radical, it is unlikely to occur in the next film due to the conservative nature of the Bond producers.

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